Friday, June 24, 2011

Move Along Folks, Nothing to See Here

A spate of late-night assaults and robberies near downtown has Denver police asking the community to be cautious and on the lookout. 
Seven of the eight attacks in the past 10 weeks happened near the intersection of Lawrence Street and Park Avenue West in the evening or early morning. One attack took place 17th and Champa streets. 
A majority of the targets were transients or were intoxicated when they were attacked, according to Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson.

I'm kind of surprised the city is willing to admit this. City Hall has a long history of downplaying/covering up crime problems in and around downtown Denver out of fear of scaring away visitors with money. What is now called "Park Avenue West" was renamed that years ago when it earned such a horrible reputation by its original name, "23rd Street." The intersection of Park Avenue West and Lawrence street has a homeless shelter and a ton of heroin and alcohol addicts. It's in the part of the city called Five Points, and anyone familiar with Five Points knows its long history with black gangs, notably the Crips.

First we had the racially-motivated attack spree against whites by gang members as initiation (with some 32 arrests), now it looks as if it could be the same thing yet again, just with a different way of attacking. Key parts of this article point to the Denver Police talking through their rectal cavities with their insistence that these attacks aren't racial like last time. You have to read halfway down the page before the races of the victims and attackers are mentioned:

While in every instance the victims were white men and the attacker or attackers black men, police do not believe the crimes to be racially motivated. 
In only one instance did an attacker utter a racial epithet, Jackson said. 
In November 2009, police rounded up 33 black men and teenagers who were sucker punching white and Latino men in the LoDo entertainment district and video taping the attacks as rites of passage.
Police conducted a months-long undercover investigation into the racially motivated assaults and robberies, but drew some criticism for not notifying the public sooner. 
In those cases, the attackers travelled in groups of four or five, used racist slang and professed gang ties. 
Police don't believe these are the same types of assaults. 
"There's nothing to indicate that," Jackson said. "The majority of these are solo individuals."

That's right -- it's always black-on-white but it's not racially-motivated. Amazing how often that comes out. A few years ago a couple blacks kept kidnapping white women in predominantly white southeast Denver, hogtying them, and emptying their ATM cards. Clearly these women were chosen in part because of their race, and in part because of their gender. Charges related to either? Nope, not that the police ever caught them anyway.

With all the homeless blacks around Park Avenue West and Lawrence, we're told that these attacks of blacks singling out whites isn't racial? Denver Police, who the hell do you think you're fooling?

The black-on-white predatorialism in this city is astounding. If whites were doing this to blacks, blacks would be up in arms about it; whites should be no different.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upward Mobility, Denver Style

I'd like to dedicate this song to one of my neighbors. He's graduated to cocaine from marijuana. Congrats, dude, on your promotion! P.S. Everyone can see those two fat bitches handing you the clear baggies with white powder in them. Might want to consider a better approach, MORON.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rocky Flats: The Blessing that Gives and Gives

I have previously blogged about the government PR campaign to gloss over Superfund sites by converting them to so-called wildlife refuges (complete with restocking of animals if needed) as a way of promoting the idea to the public that the area is clean enough and nobody need worry, in spite of widespread contamination, including, literally, radioactive snow and spikes in brain cancers near the plant. See my Denver Real Estate Buying Guide to get an idea of the extent of surface radioactive contamination from Rocky Flats.

The dirt about Rocky Flats keeps coming out, with zero interest by local Denver media. The former FBI agent himself who led the 1989 FBI raid (Jon Lipsky) into Rocky Flats has spoken up about the bipartisan political maneuverings and coverup of what happened at that plant. One important thing that Lipsky's DOJ superiors willfully ignored was the existence of documentary and physical evidence of criticality accidents in Rocky Flats. Criticalities are where out-of-control nuclear chain reactions occur, such as in nuclear explosions or nuclear accidents, which is the only explanation for above-background levels of strontium90 and cesium137 in and around Rocky Flats. These two elements only occur in nuclear criticalities.

Agent Lipsky was given several binders of documentary evidence of critcality accidents by a Rocky Flats worker that stepped forward which he forwarded to his superiors. They took the binders and told him they weren't interested. From there, the documents disappeared into the memory hole and were never heard about again.

A short snippet of Lipsky speaking about being given evidence of criticality accidents at Rocky Flats:

The entirety of Lipsky's interview is also available. Part 1 of 5 of Agent Lipsky's talk begins here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Rough, Tough, and Dangerous

I think it's been a while since we heard RTD called the Rough, Tough, and Dangerous. This morning, a relative of mine walking past the intersection of Colfax and Broadway and encountered the dried remnants of a fine Denver morning. Anyone familiar with the happenings in and near the bus stops in the busiest intersection in Colorado aren't surprised...

See previous blog entries: Idiot Shoots Man on RTD Bus, and Stabbing Near Infamous Crackhead Bus Stop.

Coincidentally, I prevously posted a funny YouTube video filmed on a route 0 bus which was stopped at the very bus stop the above bloody images were taken. Its worth another look:

Friday, October 29, 2010

John Hickenlooper, Idiot and Media Darling

Quick thought: It's bad enough that throughout the gubernatorial campaign, John Hickenlooper has been dodging negative criticism of his beliefs and policies as "attacks" and using this false claim as an excuse to not answer anything, now he's stooped to a new low and and claimed that a Tancredo commercial with an upset parent complaining of Hickenlooper's handling of a drunken-driving illegal alien who killed a 3 year old boy in the city he is in charge of as "opportunism" and was using that child for political mileage (as if the father of the boy who stepped forward to criticize Hickenlooper was willingly engaging in some political game using his own child as a pawn - what a sickening insinuation the media won't touch!) as his rote escape mechanism to avoid answering for his horrid mayoral policies with illegal aliens. Now, this idiot has exposed to us all how severe his ignorance of the immigration question is by committing a rather large gaffe. In tonight's (10/29) gubernatorial debate, Hickenlooper fell over his tongue in saying that the federal government needs to have a guest worker program for agricultural workers. Please excuse my coming all-caps outburst, but this idiocy is so severe that I cannot avoid it.


Unfortunately, all too many lemmings in modern American society are taken by the La Raza/corporate party line by swallowing the canard that "without illegal aliens, we'll starve" as if illegal alien labor is what picks American crops. Such rampant voter idiocy and people wonder why Tom Tancredo suggests literacy testing for voting? D'oh! Its bad enough that we have registered voters running around swallowing this kind of tripe, BUT MEN RUNNING FOR STATE OFFICE? Ack! Get Hickenritter away from me!
Oh, hey, perhaps I know the reason. John Hickenlooper is dyslexic. According to many liberals I have come across, dyslexia makes one a retard, such as George W. Bush, they tell me. We have a "retard" in office. Well, there you go!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denver comPost Calls Its Own Bluff. Oops!

Astounding. A woman named Crummy wrote an article to suit her name. Where does the Denver comPost get them? Can you have survey results this skewed without it being rigged, on two key aspects, no less? Introducing the Denver comPost/9Skews propaganda axis.

This is what the comPost and 9Skews did...

The past 10 days or so, (Oct 15-25), several polls have showed gubernatorial candidate Tom "Evil" Tancredo closing in on the lovable, touchy-feely warm/fuzzy John Hickenlooper. Then, poof! This amazing poll comes out, sponsored by the Denver comPost and 9News (the local NBC affiliate which I affectionately call 9Skews) showing Hickenlooper with a massive - indeed insurmountable - lead. The comPost's headline read, "Hickenlooper holds comfy lead in Colo. gubernatorial race," and stated that,
Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper has a wide lead over his opponents going into the last days of the election, despite third-party candidate Tom Tancredo's ability to siphon votes from the Republican nominee, according to a Denver Post/9News poll.

With 49 percent of those surveyed backing him, Hickenlooper now has more support than Tancredo and Republican candidate Dan Maes combined.

And if that wasn't impressive enough,

Hickenlooper is collecting almost 90 percent of Democratic votes and leads Tancredo among those surveyed who have already returned a ballot by 14 percentage points. Among those who haven't voted but say they will, Hickenlooper is up by 7 percentage points.

Wow! Daunting! Does it disenhearten and discourage you Hick haters from bothering to vote? Do you feel demoralized? Want to throw in the towel?

Here's where it gets interesting. Yesterday (10/25), left-leaning Public Policy Voting released a poll on the race. Their data showed that the race is a statistical tie, with Hickenlooper only 3 points above Tancredo. As of today, nearly midday the 26th, the Denver comPost has yet to cover the results of this poll. If that isn't funny enough, the real kicker is in a story the Denver comPost did cover today: Citing data from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, the comPost admitted,
Republicans are beating Democrats early in the race to the ballot box in Colorado, according to newly released numbers from the secretary of state's office...

With one week until Election Day, Republicans have cast about 25,000 more votes than Democrats at either early-voting sites or through the mail. About 443,600 ballots have been cast statewide.

Republicans are also winning the turnout battle, with about 17 percent of Republicans having cast a ballot so far compared with about 15 percent of Democrats, according to the figures released Monday.
In other words, in early voting, Tom Tancredo is winning. I only knew about this new poll after having of heard it from Tom Tancredo's mouth yesterday at a Meet & Greet I attended. No Denver media covered it. After I got home, I looked it up online.

Sorry, comPost/9Skews Axis, your glamor boy isn't doing nearly as well as you'd like us to think. Nice try, though. Polls that skewed are faked, period. Now we know why the poll didn't include information on methodology.

Self-pwnage is the best pwnage.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Urban vs Suburban Drunks

Denver bus stops are very interesting places to observe human behavior. It was from the Auraria Light Rail Station that I observed a couple drunken brothers (and their father who was sober and I think retired from heavy drinking)rambling about the Marines and their patriotism when it hit me: Urban drunks are not patriotic and they certainly never speak affectionately about the US govt or US military. These two brothers remind me of the few drunks I came across as a kid growing up in Littleton. They tended to ooze with patriotic sentiment and toast America frequently, especially on the 4th of July. Downtown Denver drunks, however, never utter such things. If they say anything about the United States, its negative, such as in my previous article.

Surely, noticing things like this means I've lived in this city waaaay too long.


Crack Dealers Take Over Neighborhood

I can't figure out if KMGH reporters are that ignorant or just trying to hype up a ho-hum story by concocting a crack dealer invasion?

Here's a shocker!

7NEWS obtained photos that show a deal in progress, and one of the users lighting up in broad daylight.

"I've seen my neighbors pushing a baby stroller down the street, and (the dealers) will come up and ask them if they want to buy drugs,” said the resident... “I’ve heard some punches before, but man I swear to god, this sounded like someone was breaking a board over this guy’s head. I turned and looked and he saw me and said, ‘you call the cops and you’re next.’”

Well, duh. Its nearly as easy to photograph drug deals in Crackitol Hill as it is to photograph feeding pigeons. They make it sound like they scored another Watergate. Nigga, please.

Of course local residents and possibly media will think the police are apathetic about it, but the truth is this is the norm in Crackitol Hill (including North Crackitol Hill, Shitty Park West, Shitty Park, and Sleazeman Park). The cops know, they are making an effort. However, they're simply overwhelmed. Junkies flock to this area like flies on fresh dog shit. Complaining to City Hall, of course, is a joke. Across the street from the City and County Building (where City Hall is located), junkies, homeless drunks and drug dealers run free, as they have been nearly unmolested for over 20 years running, acting as if Civic Center Park is theirs. Indeed, it is. Undercover cops have been working the East Colfuxx area forever, arresting dealers in droves. What simply happens is that when drug dealing activity concentrates in one area and the cops break it up, the dealers simply move to another spot a few blocks down. I've lived around downtown long enough to see it happen myself. Colfax and Pearl was once a hot spot and in the middle of the day I saw drug dealers discussing a deal behind a parked truck with an open duffle bag on the ground that the dealers were peering into while speaking. The old 7-11 at 13th and Pearl was a HUGE hotspot for drugs as employees of the store were dealing from inside the store itself. Consequently, the city closed down the store as a public nuisance and the dealing simply moved a few blocks down. Busting drug dealers is an endless and largely fruitless game of Whack-a-Mole. Until drug dealers, in my opinion, begin to be executed, they are going to view the risk of arrest worth the profits of dealing. Drug users are amoral slimebags as well (I call not caring if thousands of people being killed in cartel wars so the pot can make it to Denver amoral) and need to be dealt with harshly in their own right.

And in case you didn't know, most of the people who buy drugs here live here, and are not homeless derelicts wandering the streets. These dealers walk residential sidestreets and loiter on residential corners. Drug users, in my suspicion, intentionally flock here because this area is widely-known to be flush in narcotics.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Meet one of downtown Denver's charmers.

Billie Hollenbeck is accused of trying to set a bag of what initially appeared to be fertilizer on fire on July 28.

The bus driver told police he thought Hollenbeck was holding a bag of fertilizer. It turns out the bag was full of seeds.

RTD says the driver immediately kicked Hollenbeck off the bus and called 911.

Police didn't catch Hollenbeck until several days later when he was arrested on unrelated charges.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Typical East Colfax Morning

I decided, in my sheer stupidity, to walk up to East Colfax to catch a 15 bus downtown. I was mildly entertained by the 2 discarded "HARDCORE" porno DVD packages on the sidewalk (which I should have gotten a picture of). Sitting near there on the sidewalk was an elderly couple, both likely drunk, I surmised to myself in passing. They eventually made their way over to near me to catch the same bus I caught, which is when the fun began. Watching them attempt to board the bus was when I realized to what an extreme degree that both of these two were absolutely trashed. The wife, somewhere in her mid to late 60s, had long dyed black hair and was trying to push her equally plastered husband who was wheel-chair bound up the small bus ramp into the bus. Of course, she utterly failed at the attempt and steered her husband (I'm assuming they're married) only partly onto the ramp of the bus, leaving one of his wheels hanging off the outer side of the ramp and entrapping him there. He begins swearing up a storm and begins tipping backward and the bottle of Coke on his lap begins spilling all over him, not that he noticed. At that point, rather exasperated, I reach out to catch his wheelchair because his wife was so drunk she was not only incapable of stopping his backward fall, but was herself having a very difficult time staying on her feet. She began stammering uncontrollably behind me (it seems that pushing the wheelchair was the only thing keeping her upright) and flailed wildly until finally falling flat over, emptying her pockets of dollar bills and coins in the process. Another passenger at the bus stop helped her try to stay on her feet which took another 2 or 3 attempts as the old lady kept flopping over on the sidewalk to the loud gasps of passengers on the bus. Eventually the guy realized that he had to hold on to the old lady because there was no way in hell she was going to stand on her own feet.

SO, finally, the drunken couple is on the bus. The old man in the wheelchair, who loudly and repeatedly identified himself as a disabled Vietnam veteran who "had his ass shot off" refused to let the driver buckle him in place ("I jumped out of planes in Vietnam, I can handle a fuckin' bus!") and also refused to wheel himself into the wheelchair area, preferring to sit in the middle of the aisle cussing everyone out around him: "I got my ass and legs shot off in Vietnam for this fuckin' worthless country and you assholes haven't done SHIT!" The only thing keeping him remotely in place was his one hand on the wheel of the chair and his wife's grip on the handles. He swayed back and forth on the bus like a ship on an angry sea cussing everyone out every foot of the way. "This fucking worthless country! I got my ass shot off and what have you done? NOTHING!"

Sooner than later, passengers nearby realized that rationalizing with this old coot was impossible, so they eventually lapsed into silence while he opened his vodka bottle and took a nip. After repeating his sorry lot in life (in which he has no ass or legs even though to me he appeared to have both) umpteen times nearly nonstop all the way into downtown while telling bus riders to get their "asses to Afghanistan, you fuckers," the driver loudly demanded he shut his mouth already with his swearing. Of course, he didn't like that so he bitched back and eventually all but quieted down as the driver was not backing down. I knew these two were going to be getting off before me and I strongly suspected I'd have to help the old man off again. I was right. At 15th and Curtis, they want off. The woman tries to drunkenly wheel the man toward the door (and she can't steer any straighter than she did last time) and wedged him sideways against the coin machine. He, realizing he's stuck, begins cussing her out with a vengeance. Exasperated, and wishing to end it all, I tell her I'll unwedge him so I grab his wheelchair handles and lift his chair into place, while he repeatedly mutters at me, "Thank you, brother" without bothering to see who was behind him. Somehow, the woman's purse gets itself wedged into one wheel so it stops rolling. Sick of the crap, I just lift the back end of the chair and use the front wheels to get his drunken ass off of the bus. I drop them on the sidewalk letting them figure out how to get the purse out of the wheel. To hell with that shit, good riddance.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Local Media Afraid to Call "Brother"Jeff a Racist

Now I know I just mentioned this quite recently about how the Denver comPost refuses to refer to Jeff Fard as anything other than a "community organizer." In my recent Kookfest article, I mentioned how Jeff Fard is whitewashed as a legitimate civic leader with no mention to his past or where his adopted surname comes from. Hint: Nation of Islam, Nation of Islam's founder AKA "Allah" or "God in Person" who taught that white people are Satan and were created in a laboratory by a mad black scientist named Yakub. See the Kookfest story for Nation of Islam-authored book links with the whole hilarious story.

Yes, yesterday the comPost struck again: our beloved generic community organizer had a peace march in which Bloods and Crips "united" as they shed a few tears about their plight in life, sort of admitted their shitty attitudes, and then went home to be Bloods and Crips.

Tell me again how if David Duke attended a march in Denver the local media wouldn't be referring to him as a former Grand Dragon of the KKK and what a controversial and racist past he has?

This is one of the myriad of reasons why I discarded my political and social liberalism. These people live on their knees with their lips pursed and have never met a (non-white) racist they didn't like or give a wide berth of deference to. Sickening. These people don't think, they feel.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Denver comPost Publishes Anti-Tancredo Hit Piece Disguised as Human Interest Article. Nice!

Congratulations!! The piece of pseudo-journalistic kitty liner known as the Denver comPost has elevated itself above its former status as mere liberal whining, moaning, self-censoring, drum beating, liberal elitist whine mill to an intentional, planned political spin machine producing not only lies about a pressing issue to get readers to go along, but now also as a way of COVERTLY ATTEMPTING TO INFLUENCE AN ELECTION BY POLITICALLY ASSASSINATING A GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE BY MEANS OF OUTRIGHT, BLATANT LIES. The Denver Post is LYING to influence an election! How? By publishing Susan Greene's obvious political smear job against Tom Tancredo as a human interest story! NICE!

Read the shit here:

(WHY GOD, didn't you close the comPost down instead of the Rocky Mountain News?)

IF the comPost had a single blithering ounce of integrity (which we know it does not), they'd at the least force this witch Susan Greene to apologize and correct her intentional propagandistic equivalency between legitimate immigrants and illegal aliens by referring to them both as "immigrants." This is a common attempt by the pro-amnesty lobby to promote illegal alien border hoppers (and identity thieves) as the same thing as real immigrants who came here legally and respect our laws rather than spitting at them and by extension, us. This article is nothing but a brazen attempt at pulling the wool over our eyes.

Come now, people. We know all you so-called journalists out there have these college degree thingies and you can't pass all those writing classes without knowing some definitions of pretty common words such as ILLEGAL and IMMIGRANT. The two are not the same, never have been, never will be. We would also assume that these bearers of college thingies would know to consult a dictionary of the English language if they are uncertain about anything. Thus, of course, to anyone who does not have their intellect dwelling deep within their anal cavities, it becomes quite obvious that blurring the line between an illegal alien and an immigrant is intentional. Greene intentionally AVOIDS any reference to the more than obvious illegality of the person she is speaking to (which she tells us is in "fear" of Tom Tancredo) in an attempt to undercut Tancredo by assassinating his character by making it look like regular legal immigrants have a reason to fear him. WHAT A LOAD!

And what would this poor, innocent "immigrant" Ms. Greene has whipped up tell Tom Tancredo? "I would tell him . . . 'With all respect, Mr. Tancredo, we are not your enemy.' " Oh? I didn't realize coming here illegally, spitting at our laws, stealing our identities and putting your kids on welfare was a gesture of friendship. Perhaps I should reconsider. D'oh!