Sunday, July 6, 2008

Denver Real Estate Buying Guide

A useful one-stop resource for anyone mulling a move to the Denver metropolitan area, or even those already here who'd like to know what fine mess they've gotten themselves into. The Rocky Flats plant, which once manufactured plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons, was literally upstream from Standley Lake, left quite a legacy which has vanished into the local media's memory hole. This map shows lifetime cancer risks for laborers for "all events" (nuclear accidents and other outdoor releases, including those intentional). That blue splotch in the middle there, Standley Lake, was closed down in the early half of the 1990s temporarily while crews dredged the bottom of it to remove radioactive materials (who knows what became of the glowing fish). During this entire operation, the public was told that the lake, while unsafe to fish and swim in, still remained a fine quality drinking source, as it does to this day. Yum!

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