Sunday, April 25, 2010

Denver comPost's Rampant Bias Problem

If the comPost isn't hurling its biases around in articles by the likes of Mike Littwin (Obama zombie blame-whitey moonbat,) Tina Griego (sappy pro-illegal alien, race-baiting prose writing moonbat), and Susan Greene (neurotically liberal Jewish moonbat who can only find bias if it comes in a white, Christian package), its busy applying the same kind of biases on its forums against people who say things against the liberal party line that the comPost is dedicated to parroting. Today was the third time since January that I have been issued a "board warning" for posts which were then deleted, always because I said something to infuriate the liberal readership and moderators of the forum. I was told that "racist comments, veiled or otherwise, are a violation of forum rules." I actually expected this response and went ahead and posted anyway to make a point.

I drew an intentional comparison in media coverage between the pro-illegal alien rallies and the Tea Party rallies and struck a nerve. I applied the language of the media in their vitriolic descriptions of Tea Partiers to amnesty protesters, and came up with this:

Its funny when the media admit and refuse to condemn Latinos voting in racial blocs. Clearly the only time that racial-bloc voting is a no-no is with the fairer race. The MSM has been going viral lately at the hues of protesters at Tea Party rallies, frequently making stereotypical comments like, "All those white faces, whew, kind of looks like a Nazi rally, doesn't it?!" Yet, alas, when non-whites show up in numbers to pursue something obviously in their racial interests, we don't hear condemantions. Why is that? Where are the comments saying things like, "Wow, look at all those Mexicans. I haven't seen this many since I toured San Quentin," or, "Last time I saw this many dark faces was when I drove by the Five Points foodstamp office," or how about this dinger: "Now I undertstand what it must have been like at the Alamo!" How about at least something like, "Notice all those brown faces? That means that their cause is not widely accepted by a variety of Americans but rather pertains only to the narrow prejudices of their race."

What is with the anti-white double standard, Denver com-Post?
I got a nice six thumbs-up votes from readers before board admins issued a "board warning" for my "racism." I responded and thanked them for their cooperation in proving my point.

Just wait until they lock their jaws into Tim Tebow, he is the embodiment of everything they hate. Don't believe their "tolerance" rhetoric for a single minute; they only "tolerate" what they don't hate and if you don't hate what they don't hate you are intolerant and hateful.

Denver comPost forum member notanillegalalien nailed it with this:

La Raza = racists

LULAC = racists

MeCHA = racists

MALDEF = racists

The illegal alien immigration issue is based on racism - THEIRS.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Five Points Isn't Safe for Skateboarding?! No Way!

Techncially speaking, it didn't occur in Five Points, but its close enough: one block away from the official boundary of the neighborhood, which people living with their heads in the clouds think will be made all nice-nice if only some rich white people move in. You wish.

Ignoramous Suburbanitus is an epidemic disease. Unfortunately it's usually not discovered until the victim is hit on the head with reality after spending a childhood and early adulthood in a nice, quiet, demographically homogenous suburb. For such people, the city of Denver is a bag of surprises. This guy got his ass gang-attacked in front of his kids for opening his mouth in a ghetto dispute. That the race of the perpetrators wasn't published almost always means it was those of a swarthier persuasion. People such as that are media darlings and the media expend no small amount of energy covering their backs. Besides, its Five Points. HELLO.

Some guy from Arvada has been taking his kids to some skate park built recently during the era of ghetto gentrification. Sorry, dude, but locals know better. Crime-ridden, economically depressed areas are those that are targeted for gentrification. Gentrification means high crime inner city, which is why the areas are depressed to begin with. Crime and econmic destitution go hand in hand. It's a basic fact. Get used to it. In fact, people with half a brain should turn and run from gentrified places, unless they like paying top-notch prices for Crips, homeless people with lice, and heroin addicts shooting up in every other doorway.

More than enough has come out in the media (and this blog) about the crime problems these liberal do-gooders are encountering in the Five Points/Lower Downtown areas to give someone pause. If you don't know by now, you aren't paying attention.