Friday, October 29, 2010

John Hickenlooper, Idiot and Media Darling

Quick thought: It's bad enough that throughout the gubernatorial campaign, John Hickenlooper has been dodging negative criticism of his beliefs and policies as "attacks" and using this false claim as an excuse to not answer anything, now he's stooped to a new low and and claimed that a Tancredo commercial with an upset parent complaining of Hickenlooper's handling of a drunken-driving illegal alien who killed a 3 year old boy in the city he is in charge of as "opportunism" and was using that child for political mileage (as if the father of the boy who stepped forward to criticize Hickenlooper was willingly engaging in some political game using his own child as a pawn - what a sickening insinuation the media won't touch!) as his rote escape mechanism to avoid answering for his horrid mayoral policies with illegal aliens. Now, this idiot has exposed to us all how severe his ignorance of the immigration question is by committing a rather large gaffe. In tonight's (10/29) gubernatorial debate, Hickenlooper fell over his tongue in saying that the federal government needs to have a guest worker program for agricultural workers. Please excuse my coming all-caps outburst, but this idiocy is so severe that I cannot avoid it.


Unfortunately, all too many lemmings in modern American society are taken by the La Raza/corporate party line by swallowing the canard that "without illegal aliens, we'll starve" as if illegal alien labor is what picks American crops. Such rampant voter idiocy and people wonder why Tom Tancredo suggests literacy testing for voting? D'oh! Its bad enough that we have registered voters running around swallowing this kind of tripe, BUT MEN RUNNING FOR STATE OFFICE? Ack! Get Hickenritter away from me!
Oh, hey, perhaps I know the reason. John Hickenlooper is dyslexic. According to many liberals I have come across, dyslexia makes one a retard, such as George W. Bush, they tell me. We have a "retard" in office. Well, there you go!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denver comPost Calls Its Own Bluff. Oops!

Astounding. A woman named Crummy wrote an article to suit her name. Where does the Denver comPost get them? Can you have survey results this skewed without it being rigged, on two key aspects, no less? Introducing the Denver comPost/9Skews propaganda axis.

This is what the comPost and 9Skews did...

The past 10 days or so, (Oct 15-25), several polls have showed gubernatorial candidate Tom "Evil" Tancredo closing in on the lovable, touchy-feely warm/fuzzy John Hickenlooper. Then, poof! This amazing poll comes out, sponsored by the Denver comPost and 9News (the local NBC affiliate which I affectionately call 9Skews) showing Hickenlooper with a massive - indeed insurmountable - lead. The comPost's headline read, "Hickenlooper holds comfy lead in Colo. gubernatorial race," and stated that,
Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper has a wide lead over his opponents going into the last days of the election, despite third-party candidate Tom Tancredo's ability to siphon votes from the Republican nominee, according to a Denver Post/9News poll.

With 49 percent of those surveyed backing him, Hickenlooper now has more support than Tancredo and Republican candidate Dan Maes combined.

And if that wasn't impressive enough,

Hickenlooper is collecting almost 90 percent of Democratic votes and leads Tancredo among those surveyed who have already returned a ballot by 14 percentage points. Among those who haven't voted but say they will, Hickenlooper is up by 7 percentage points.

Wow! Daunting! Does it disenhearten and discourage you Hick haters from bothering to vote? Do you feel demoralized? Want to throw in the towel?

Here's where it gets interesting. Yesterday (10/25), left-leaning Public Policy Voting released a poll on the race. Their data showed that the race is a statistical tie, with Hickenlooper only 3 points above Tancredo. As of today, nearly midday the 26th, the Denver comPost has yet to cover the results of this poll. If that isn't funny enough, the real kicker is in a story the Denver comPost did cover today: Citing data from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, the comPost admitted,
Republicans are beating Democrats early in the race to the ballot box in Colorado, according to newly released numbers from the secretary of state's office...

With one week until Election Day, Republicans have cast about 25,000 more votes than Democrats at either early-voting sites or through the mail. About 443,600 ballots have been cast statewide.

Republicans are also winning the turnout battle, with about 17 percent of Republicans having cast a ballot so far compared with about 15 percent of Democrats, according to the figures released Monday.
In other words, in early voting, Tom Tancredo is winning. I only knew about this new poll after having of heard it from Tom Tancredo's mouth yesterday at a Meet & Greet I attended. No Denver media covered it. After I got home, I looked it up online.

Sorry, comPost/9Skews Axis, your glamor boy isn't doing nearly as well as you'd like us to think. Nice try, though. Polls that skewed are faked, period. Now we know why the poll didn't include information on methodology.

Self-pwnage is the best pwnage.