Sunday, September 26, 2010


Crack Dealers Take Over Neighborhood

I can't figure out if KMGH reporters are that ignorant or just trying to hype up a ho-hum story by concocting a crack dealer invasion?

Here's a shocker!

7NEWS obtained photos that show a deal in progress, and one of the users lighting up in broad daylight.

"I've seen my neighbors pushing a baby stroller down the street, and (the dealers) will come up and ask them if they want to buy drugs,” said the resident... “I’ve heard some punches before, but man I swear to god, this sounded like someone was breaking a board over this guy’s head. I turned and looked and he saw me and said, ‘you call the cops and you’re next.’”

Well, duh. Its nearly as easy to photograph drug deals in Crackitol Hill as it is to photograph feeding pigeons. They make it sound like they scored another Watergate. Nigga, please.

Of course local residents and possibly media will think the police are apathetic about it, but the truth is this is the norm in Crackitol Hill (including North Crackitol Hill, Shitty Park West, Shitty Park, and Sleazeman Park). The cops know, they are making an effort. However, they're simply overwhelmed. Junkies flock to this area like flies on fresh dog shit. Complaining to City Hall, of course, is a joke. Across the street from the City and County Building (where City Hall is located), junkies, homeless drunks and drug dealers run free, as they have been nearly unmolested for over 20 years running, acting as if Civic Center Park is theirs. Indeed, it is. Undercover cops have been working the East Colfuxx area forever, arresting dealers in droves. What simply happens is that when drug dealing activity concentrates in one area and the cops break it up, the dealers simply move to another spot a few blocks down. I've lived around downtown long enough to see it happen myself. Colfax and Pearl was once a hot spot and in the middle of the day I saw drug dealers discussing a deal behind a parked truck with an open duffle bag on the ground that the dealers were peering into while speaking. The old 7-11 at 13th and Pearl was a HUGE hotspot for drugs as employees of the store were dealing from inside the store itself. Consequently, the city closed down the store as a public nuisance and the dealing simply moved a few blocks down. Busting drug dealers is an endless and largely fruitless game of Whack-a-Mole. Until drug dealers, in my opinion, begin to be executed, they are going to view the risk of arrest worth the profits of dealing. Drug users are amoral slimebags as well (I call not caring if thousands of people being killed in cartel wars so the pot can make it to Denver amoral) and need to be dealt with harshly in their own right.

And in case you didn't know, most of the people who buy drugs here live here, and are not homeless derelicts wandering the streets. These dealers walk residential sidestreets and loiter on residential corners. Drug users, in my suspicion, intentionally flock here because this area is widely-known to be flush in narcotics.

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