Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mayor Hickenloopy Wants to Feed Pigeons With Your Tax Dollars

Oh boy!

I can’t help but ask (if I haven’t already?) what the hell is wrong with liberals? This city has a mayor who since day one of his occupancy of the mayor’s office has made it his personal crusade to “end homelessness in Denver.” Unless you’re 5 years old or such a blinded Utopian, anyone with half a brain knows there is no such thing. You would assume, and usually correctly so, that such bubbly nonsense would just be some warm-fuzzy political slogan. But oh, no. This guy is serious, and he’s trying to do it largely with public tax dollars.

Does it matter that we’re in a recession, that nearly 200 Denver city employees have been laid off, others required furlough time, cutting pay raises for city hospital workers, postponing raises for cops and budget cuts that affect city libraries? Nope! Somehow, magically, this Utopian bobblehead has declared that the city can afford over two million samoleons to house derelicts who already flock to Denver in large numbers even from out of state because they heard on the grapevine about the services offered to the homeless in the downtown Denver area, hence the pigeon comment.

What happens when you try to take a small amount of food and feed a few pigeons?

You think its bad downtown now? Keep feeding these pigeons.