Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Denver comPost Celebrates Kookfest

Oh, so touching! On the front page of today's Denver comPost is such a heartwarming, tear-jerking photo! Too bad its a couple lunatics!

The Denver comPost gushed, "Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu Tum performed a Mayan healing and blessing ceremony, evoking a vision of harmony that drew on the life-affirming teachings of her ancestors, the ancient Mayan people." Kissing her gently on the forehead is a "community organizer" known as "Brother Jeff" Fard. If "Brother Jeff" is a community organizer, so is David Duke. Jeff Fard, former member of the Nation of Islam, took up the name Fard in honor of the Nation of Islam's founder "Master" Wallace Fard Muhammad. Fard, otherwise known as "God in Person" in Nation of Islam literature, is believed to be the literal incarnation of God (or Allah) who came to earth to teach Elijah Muhammad about the evil white race of devils and the true identity of the specially-chosen race of blacks. Master Fard (pronounced Farrad), bless his divine self, taught that whites were created in a laboratory by a mad black scientist named Yakub and have been allowed to rule the earth for 6,000 years after which is followed divine punishment; namely, that Master Fard, in orbit in his mother ship UFO, will send "baby planes" down from this mother ship and drop atomic bombs into the earth which will destroy the white race. The prophet Moses tried to civilize the whites but gave up and tried to blow a bunch of them up with dynamite. No I'm not making this up, I used to be aquainted with a couple members of the NOI, one an assistant minister at the time, and I have read plenty of NOI literature. The white devils/UFO bombings appear in a book by Elijah Muhammad called Message to the Blackman in America, in a section called Devil. The creation of the white race story is here, and the judgment of whites here. As usual with the mainstream media, there is no end to the willingness to brush anti-white racism under the carpet and paint the perpetrators of it in such bullshit warm terms.

On to Rigoberta Menchu. Like a case of herpes, this woman won't go away. Some 20 years after she was exposed by New York Times investigative journalists as being a Communist propagandist who lied about herself and her family to promote her Marxist views against the Great Capitalist Pig (you can guess who that is), this woman keeps popping up in the media as a legitimate human rights figure as if she wasn't caught red-handed lying her ass off. The so-called memoir by the name of I, Rigoberta Menchu, was ghost-written by the wife of a French Marxist and passed off as Menchu's own autobiographical account. A piece by former Marxist David Horowitz called Rigoberta Menchu, Liar recounts the entire pathetic history of Menchu's hustle.

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