Monday, September 1, 2008

MSNBC & Al Sharpton Bullhorned by Alex Jones at DNC

Quite accidentally, while heading to Union Station to catch a light rail train to Invesco Field on the 4th and final day of the Democratic National Convention, I happened upon the outdoor 2-story MSNBC broadcasting booth. Noticing a gathered crowd with some rather agitated (and swearing) onlookers, I was drawn across the Wewatta Street to take a closer look. There was goofball Alex Jones of and fame with a small entourage of early 20-somethings holding signs that proclaimed "9-11 was an inside job." Jones was bullhorning the hell out of the live broadcast on the 2nd story of the MSNBC booth. I had no idea at the time who was broadcasting from the upper floor, until after I got home and looked at my pictures. I recognized Al Sharpton's head sticking out next to interviewer David Gregory. Good work, Alex! Its hard to think of anyone more deserving of being bullhorned than shakedown shyster Al Sharpton. Someone on YouTube clipped and published the MSNBC broadcast during the time period I was there photographing. Good times. Hopefully Jones bullhorned Obamagasmeister Keith Olbermann also.

A continuation of this segment where Sharpton himself is bullhorned by Jones and his entourage:

Earlier the same day, Jones also bullhorned Obamabot Chris Matthews (I know it was the same day because of the red-haired guy in the bright orange #44 shirt that appeared in some of my day 4 photos.)

The crowd was quite irritated with Jones' bullhorn racket. He was pelted with insults most of the time he was there. His chants of "Google Inside Job" were met with "Google a brain," "Google a life," and sporadic chants of, "O-ba-ma!" Sometime after I left, some Obamabots ganged up on Jones and smashed his bullhorn. I have photographs of his entourage with a spare bullhorn, no idea why they didn't use it, and also no idea why the 11 police officers nearby didn't intervene.

See the complete MSNBC/Alex Jones picture set at:

Final Update: Invesco Field "Open House" Hoax

On Thursday the 28th of August, the "historic" day of the Barack Obama speech at Invesco Field (NOT "Mile High Stadium" as Obama and MSNBC kept calling it) I made my way to the stadium with the herds of ticketholers and press and was absolutely unsurprised by what I saw. Not a single anti-Obama or pro-McCain tshirt or button. Strange considering that "everyone" was welcome at a "first come, first serve" event. On top of this, during the speech itself, not a single heckler or boo could be heard. The media will never touch this one, of course, but it's still worth noting that this open house myth is arguably the largest hoax of the 2008 election season. For someone who keeps repudiating the claims of being a media darling, Barack Obama was perfectly comfortable pulling off such a massive stunt.