Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stiff Found in Barrel in Da Hood

Headline reads, "Body Found In Barrel In LoDo."

Along with Curtis Park, LoDo is another eupemistic reference to the southern end of what is geographically Five Points. Five Points' southern boundary begins at 20th Street and goes northward. It is not LoDo. Five Points has such a long and notorious history of criminal activity that anyone remotely familiar with the city of Denver wouldn't touch Five Points with a 10 foot pole. Quite a problemo. Easy solution! Euphemistically call the southern part of Five Points "LoDo" and the northern part "Curtis Park!" Voila! Just avoid the F word.

It began being called LoDo when Coors Field was built as a way of not scaring off baseball fans and developers. The media even admitted as much; there had to be a complete neighborhood image overhaul. Coors Field was built at 20th and Blake in area which at the time was literally overridden with human trash. The area was home to many homeless camp sites and when breaking ground for the stadium, at least 1 murdered body was found on the land. Now the area around Coors Field is full of yuppie bars instead of ghetto bars. Ah, progress!

23rd Street, renamed some years ago to Park Avenue West (again, to spiff up the reputation), continues to be the epicenter of drug activity so intense that heroin addicts are passed out on sidewalks like flocks of sleeping pigeons. The area is also home of numerous homeless shelters and slum bars. Stiffs being found in this area are like America and apple pie. The only real improvement in the area in the last 30 years is the absence of race riots and Black Panther Party standoffs with police. Its a street where if one must travel it, he will do so with his windows rolled up. No shocker to anyone familiar with the area that a stiff was found at 22nd and Lawrence.

Of course, the historical character of the area rears its ugly old head, such as the time several years ago when gangs of blacks were attacking and robbing white people in their automobiles at stoplights as what was suspected were gang initiations. More recently, as I've blogged about, there have been problems with Mexican gangbangers lighting the place up with gunfire. Five Points and Lower Downtown are like a flood plain; you can build pretty things there but eventually nature will come along and reclaim it.

UPDATE: Barrel man sentenced to life after court dismisses insanity plea.

Clewis-Green has said Pardue had sex with him for $10 in his apartment. Prosecutors say that when she asked for her money, he backhanded her in the face and beat her with a lead pipe.

Clewis-Green told police the beating happened after he killed his cat and liked the feeling.

His attorney Phelicia Kossie-Butler said Clewis-Green has stepped in and out of reality throughout his life.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Five Points Weenie Vendor's Killer Arrested

This genius, who first beat and then shot to death a hot dog vendor known to peddle weenies and chili around the Five Points (euphemistically called Curtis Park) foodstamp office and city-owned low income health clinic, was finally caught huddling in a closet in Georgia trying to hide from The Man.

For some odd reason in television bits about this story, local residents expressed shock that something like this would happen in that neighborhood, as if it's not obvious by looking at the place. Loitering, unemployed adult males and brood-mares swarm the area like a Roach Motel. I guess the Trey Trey Crip graffiti all over the area doesn't signal trouble to some people and they need to be struck in the head with a brick. D'oh.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Freakette Enjoys Oral Sex on 2 Year Old Son

Where do they come from and why do they always end up in Denver?

This 2-legged cow decides to add a new twist to diaper changing and is dumb enough to send pictures of it to a friend. Of course the friend was too stupid to call the police, she just forwarded them to the father of the child who called police.

"Did I tell you about my fantacy (sic) about the baby? It is weird but at times when I change his diaper I think of taking it into my mouth to see his reaction."

In a message the next day, she wrote, "DID IT!!././.He giggled a lot. I think it tickled him. I will try again tomorrow. I think if I do it enough he will get use (sic) to it."

Have you ever noticed that the people most prone to this kind of behavior are also the ones who are also most likely to be semi-literate? Perhaps this woman was a Mohel in a past life.

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Stabbing Near Infamous Crackhead Bus Stop

Gather the kids and head out to Lincoln Park! Prime crackhead sighting season lasts year-round!

Lincoln Park and its near environs, especially the public bus stops, have been for many years a magnet for the gross and profane. If you ever want to go people-watching of the barrel scrapings of society, the bus stops at Colfax and Broadway are the place to go! The one on eastbound Colfax is particularly pungent and this coincidentally is the stop closest to where this stabbing took place. If you want cess, crack pebbles, an entertaining street fight or just a good sniff of an unwashed body, this is the place to be!

Look at those droopy drawers.. That's gangsta!

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