Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Memory Hole of Political Correctness: Black on White Crime

Recently Denver was once again presented with a not-so-uncommon trend in crime: black on white. Numerous white women have been kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to withdraw money from ATM machines. All of the suspects are black males. Of course, the usual reaction to such things is stony silence followed by a quick trip down the memory hole. Obviously, the victims are being selected in part due to their gender and their race. The media were more than happy to say that "four women" were abducted, robbed, and sometimes hogtied. But that the victims were white and the suspects black? Nope, can't cross that line.

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In 2006, a black male shot and murdered a white police officer and shot at a white woman who was driving to work. The white police officer was in his own vehicle, in civilian clothing. The killer approached him at a stoplight and shot him several times through his car window. Only one story I saw in the local Denver media at the time mentioned the racist views of the black killer as well as the racist literature found in his home. The others ignored it entirely. Would the media have taken this approach if the killer were white and the victims black? Of course not, so what's wrong with this picture?


From 2007: A black male committed a home invasion robbery of a white man, stole his truck, robbed a bank and was finally apprehended when a quick-thinking cop ran him over with his car. With such common occurrences of black-on-white crime, even when a racial motive has been found, why does it always vanish down the memory hole of political correctness?

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Not only are the media in general in denial about a black crime problem, but moreso in denial about the black-on-white crime epidemic. This epidemic is plainly obvious in annual US Department of Justice crime data and elsewhere, such as in studies of prison rape, which are overwhelmingly black-on-white. A few examples for browsing.

From FBI Uniform Crime Data (Source here)

Another example. 2005 Uniform Crime Data reported that 33% of white rape vicitms reported a black offender, while 0.0% of black rape victims reported a white offender. Refer to this page and click Table 42 for the year 2005.

Last, but not least, studies of prison rape conducted through several decades show a consistent racial pattern in rape. Stop Prisoner Rape's online study remarked,

"The fact remains that blacks continually and almost exclusively rape whites in prison. The evidence is based on studies conducted over the last 40 years (Davis 1968; Nacci 1978; Lookwood 1980; Starchild 1990). Why does this white victim preference prevail? Whites continue to be raped more severely and frequently and at a disproportionate rate than any other racial or ethnic group Gones 1976; Bowker 1980; Lookwood 1980). This racial inequality may be the largest in any violent crime committed in the United States...

This persistent victimisation of whites over any other ethnic or racial group is why conditions need to be implemented to protect whites from rape or future rapes in prison."

Source study (PDF file)

Interestingly, this major finding in prisoner rape is not easily found at After all, who would send money to a group that discovered that most victims of a crime were white?! White victims just don't bring the sympathy and the dollars that black and brown victims do, and what enlightened person would hold black and brown attackers accountable (aren't these "hate crimes"?) and force them to leave those white boys alone? Nobody seems to have considered that this phenomena is likely fueling neo-Nazi gangs in prisons. After all, where else would a blue-eyed devil find protection?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Can't Have a Sinister Base Without a Gargoyle in a Suitcase

How can I forget the tin foil helmet crowd? The Denver International Airport as underground base for the global elites which will serve to protect them in a global catastrophe theory is alive and well! YES, the lame multiCult artwork, the swastika runway design, scattered gargoyles and other symbolic nonsense at DIA are all signs of the Illuminati's grand plan for the masses. Oh, my!

And the fun doesn't stop there! Read on:

DIA as underground concentration camp
Stupid artwork, gargoyles, and Navajo inscriptions

The Chronic Denver Homeless and Those Who Love Them

It's amazing to see how the do-gooders who dedicate themselves to helping the homeless get a clue as to how many of the chronically homeless don't mind being so because it's become part of their lifestyle. In 1997 and 1998 I worked at a job where day labor was often used in busy times, and it happened more than once that after I got home from work I would head to a neighborhood food store only to see one or more of the day laborers that I had just gotten done working with coming out of Denver Drug & Liquor with an already open bottle of booze. In the 10 years since, I continue to see a few of them from time to time, always drunk and loitering somewhere. One I came across passed out drunk on a sidewalk. One thing that most advocates of the homeless do not understand is that 1) if these people are willing to work, the money they get all goes toward their alcohol and drugs, and 2) people like this tax food banks and soup lines because they want to spend their little money on alcohol and drugs which means that local food banks are unnecessarily burdened and drained. "Aiding" people like this only encourages them and prolongs their unwillingness to straighten up. Whenever you see someone panhandling or "performing" on the street for money, that person is either a chronically homeless drug and alcohol abuser or is a complete moron. I call them morons because local charities have free clothes, free clothes washing and even free showers to help them work. Combine this with the large number of jobs available to them and the picture of willful homelessness comes together. All I can figure of these advocates of the homeless is that they were reared in sheltered suburban environments and do not understand inner city lifestyles. In fact, most of these advocates tend to be middle class white people who often praise the Lord and I suspect many of the older ones help out to get into heaven.

Here's an example of someone who either doesn't want to hold down a job or is not able to formulate simple logic and mathematics. "Street performers" get very little money for all their guitar playing and bongo drum beating, and if they worked even a minimum wage job (which do not exist) they would come out vastly ahead for the same time spent. The idiocy is mind-boggling.

Someone Get These Bruthas a Can of Act-Right

Sharing among brothers is a great thing. The close-knit Armstrong family even share run-ins with the Denver Police. Pops Armstrong was shot to death by the po-po in 1980, and Earl, the elder brother, the community activist, police critic and wife beater, is convinced that his younger brother, Thomas Charles, wound up seriously injured and in a coma due to a vendetta harbored by the Denver Police due to his having filed a complaint against an officer 2 years before the incident which left T.C. hospitalized. Yes that's right. For 2 years, the Denver Police were itching for a chance of get-back and finally hit pay dirt the day they found Earl's younger brother drugged up and going bonkers in the middle of the street. "Oh look! It's that Armstrong guy! Kick his ass!"

Now that a Denver jury found little brother T.C. guilty of resisting arrest, this will undoubtedly be used as proof of persecution and the excuse for future run-ins with the law. The civil right$ lawsuit goes ahead.

Marxist rag Worker's Weekly World has seized on this story to push its leftist agenda and made some rather entertaining claims, none of which are sourced, needless to say. Among the highlights are that the Armstrong family are "under constant police surveillance," that Earl is followed "every time he leaves his home," was *gasp* "stopped and cited," and that T.C. had suffered "bite marks." Giggles galore:

Older brother Earl arrested for beating his ho

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Downtown Denver Does Not Have a Vagrant Problem... Really

As I had expected the moment the Democratic National Committee chose Denver for the '08 convention, the city is scrambling to get the unsightly homeless off the streets of downtown to give the Democratic lovers of the impoverished and downtrodden a happy experience in August. They're trying to bait them with big-screen TVs at homeless shelters and free passes to the zoo (where they can annoy the locals) to keep them off of downtown streets and away from the cash cow of wandering liberals. Fat chance. Undoubtedly, if all else fails, expect a repeat of former mayor Wellington Webb's old strong-arm tactic of simply harassing them, such as was done when a container town near the Platte River was torn down to make way for loft construction in Lower Downtown. Expect territorial clashes in Civic Center Park between drug dealers and winos and the Marxist ReCreate 68 interlopers who plan on building an illegal tent city there.

We still haven't heard how the city will handle unwitting visitors wandering into Ted Haggard's old stomping ground, East Colfax. Guard your wallets and guard your loins.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Denver City Park - Still Wholesome!

Ok, ok.. Sure, over the years City Park has had it's problems, with the rioting, the gangbanging, the shootings, the drug dealing, the rapes, the boozing and the loitering. And there was the time in the summer of 1988 when I found numerous Polaroids scattered about of men's erections. But hey, they've gotten rid of a lot of that just by closing off all interior park roadways to traffic so the ghetto boys have nowhere to park! Looks a bit better, eh! They haven't even found any corpses the past few times they've drained the lakes! Things are looking up! Just be careful where you park your car, and by the way, avoid the lake water...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Denver Real Estate Buying Guide

A useful one-stop resource for anyone mulling a move to the Denver metropolitan area, or even those already here who'd like to know what fine mess they've gotten themselves into. The Rocky Flats plant, which once manufactured plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons, was literally upstream from Standley Lake, left quite a legacy which has vanished into the local media's memory hole. This map shows lifetime cancer risks for laborers for "all events" (nuclear accidents and other outdoor releases, including those intentional). That blue splotch in the middle there, Standley Lake, was closed down in the early half of the 1990s temporarily while crews dredged the bottom of it to remove radioactive materials (who knows what became of the glowing fish). During this entire operation, the public was told that the lake, while unsafe to fish and swim in, still remained a fine quality drinking source, as it does to this day. Yum!

(Click image to see full-sized version)


In Your Face, Whitey

As the government of the city and county of Denver is full of liberal stupids, it goes without saying that they'd unwittingly set themselves up for this kind of moment. Mayor John Hickenlooper (friend and employer of illegal aliens) and his entourage undoubtedly thought hiring a black female to sing the National Anthem before the State of the City address would be a great outward expression of their inner warm-fuzzies... Ooops!

Mexican Gangbangers Ruining LoDo

Twice in the past year there have been shootings in lower downtown Denver involving Mexicans. Its common enough, along with the general problem of drunken brawls in numerous area bars and nightclubs, area residents are begging to regret they moved in (apparently they had difficulty seeing the obvious). Undoubtedly part of the problem is that Lower Downtown is just across the highway from Mexican neighborhoods with well-known gang problems.


The more recent, June 22, 2008,

"Denver Police say one person was killed when a 'gun battle' broke out between two groups. Police have closed off the area surrounding a parking lot at 18th and Market as they conduct an investigation.

A woman, who did not want to be identified, told 9NEWS she saw the shooting happen just before 2 a.m. She says she saw a crowd of people leaving a nearby nightclub and three fights broke out in the parking lot.

'It looked like a big fight was starting to happen at the parking lot,' said witness Mychael Oddson.

That's when gunfire echoed through lower downtown.

'I'd say about 30 shots broke out - boom, boom, boom,' said Oddson.'"

Purse Snatching: Idiot Style

Ah, the downtown retards strike again. You have to admire the great lengths at which some people will go to prove to everyone how stupid they are. This reminds me of a downtown purse snatching I witnessed in 1986 in which a gang of approximately 10 black males stole a purse from a white woman who appeared to be in her 50s on the 1800 block of Larmier. They thought it adequate enough to take the purse half a block down and rifle through it at the end of an alley. Reacting on instinct and outrage, I, while riding in the passenger seat of a moving car, hung half of myself out of the window and began screaming at them and cussing them out. The stupids panicked, dropped the purse and ran. Several minutes later I saw one of them walking past the fire station at 19th and Lawrence streets, covered in sweat and trying to act innocent. Ah, Denver.

Run, Da Cops!

O crap! We were having a great time beating each other's drunken asses up when the damn po-po show up and ruin it for everyone! Dayum! Run!

Rappers Shot? Say it Aint So!

Just because the city and county of Denver is gang-infested and blacks commit over 50% of all murders in the United States every year (and nearly half of all rapes) is no reason to be unsurprised when rappers get their caps peeled! These two rappers are from the Montbello section of Denver which is known for its Bloods gang infestation (and school stabbings). They were gunned down just south of known Crips territory.

What Did I Do, Man?

The downtown Denver Greyhound terminal is known for its continuous presence of drifters, winos and illegal aliens. Recently, its exterior was painted a perky blue to prepare for the Democratic National Convention (blue, get it?). Of course, inside its still the same...

Buddha Waji, I dunno!

I personally cannot wait until the Democratic National Convention, where throngs of Obama loving simpletons will undoubtedly take advantage of Denver's fine public transportation system, RTD (Rough, Tough and Dangerous.) They can be glad that most buses now have on-board camera systems so they will not likely witness a back-of-the-bus chicken-choking incident such as I did on the route 12 in 2007.