Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rocky Flats: Propaganda vs Reality


Radioactive Snow

From the documentary Dark Circle

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Did Mainstream Media Drop Downtown Denver Hate Crime Spree Into the Memory Hole?

21 more formally charged in downtown Denver attacks

Imagine the scene. A couple white gangs in Denver intiate new members by sending them to downtown Denver where they are told to selectively beat, attack, and rob people of black or hispanic origin who are known to have popular social spots in certain sections of the downtown Denver area. The Denver police, DA's office and even the FBI participate in creating a task force to stop these racial crimes. In the end, 35 arrest warrants are issued. The moment the police department holds its first press conference about having made 32 arrests the day before in this racist hate crime spree, media nationwide - no, worldwide - catch on and the story goes viral. All major US networks and nationally-read newspapers immediately catch the story and run with it much as they did with the Duke University gang-rape allegation. Civil and human rights leaders appear and gather before microphones hurling moralistic invective at racists everywhere. The name "Denver 35" is coined. Headlines are streaked with the shocking revelations about a white racist gang attacking people and the talking heads babble about the continued problem with racism and white supremacism in this country has and how can this still be going on, etc., etc., etc...

Everything in the above paragraph happened except the races of the attackers and victims were reversed the national media coverage never manifested. Why did this story which is obviously huge in scope - in fact the largest hate crime spree in Denver history - not get a single drop of national media coverage? Why, indeed? Why, worse, did many, including myself, predict this would happen? Because the victims of this racial crime spree were white and the perpetrators were black. Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisey stated that young white males were specifically singled out. One white woman was sexually assaulted (while being told that white women want it) and injuries to some white male victims included a broken jaw, a broken eye socket, a skull fracture and coma as well as another man being thrown through a plate glass window.

The same national media who chose to pick up on the Duke University scam and run with it like a quarterback on steroids are the same people who to a man ignored this story. Isn't that something? I kept hoping for just a bit of coverage.. Something. Anything. I kept looking at CNN, MSNBC, and even FoxNews, the so-called white racist network. Not a peep. The day following the police press conference. Nothing.

If this does not illustrate the anti-white bias of the modern politically correct walk-on-eggshells climate in this country, what does? "Anti-racist" my ass.

Click here for mugshots of the perpetrators.

If You Didn't Think Denver Was Nuts Already...

Denver voters will be asked to create commission to probe UFOs

Jeff Peckman, a self-described entrepreneur who at the age of 55 still lives with mommy and who came up with a fake UFO video made with some kind of sock puppet that moves like a human arm in an obvious cheap media stunt to sell DVDs has collected enough signatures to get another one of his trash initiatives onto Denver ballots in the next election. He collected 10,000 signatures (only 4,211 of the names turned out to be acceptable) to place his kooky idea to force the city of Denver to create a UFO commission for the purpose of gathering evidence that space aliens have been visiting the earth.

Perhaps Richard Heene has been hanging out with this guy. Why are they attracted to Colorado?