Saturday, July 31, 2010

Denver comPost Publishes Anti-Tancredo Hit Piece Disguised as Human Interest Article. Nice!

Congratulations!! The piece of pseudo-journalistic kitty liner known as the Denver comPost has elevated itself above its former status as mere liberal whining, moaning, self-censoring, drum beating, liberal elitist whine mill to an intentional, planned political spin machine producing not only lies about a pressing issue to get readers to go along, but now also as a way of COVERTLY ATTEMPTING TO INFLUENCE AN ELECTION BY POLITICALLY ASSASSINATING A GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE BY MEANS OF OUTRIGHT, BLATANT LIES. The Denver Post is LYING to influence an election! How? By publishing Susan Greene's obvious political smear job against Tom Tancredo as a human interest story! NICE!

Read the shit here:

(WHY GOD, didn't you close the comPost down instead of the Rocky Mountain News?)

IF the comPost had a single blithering ounce of integrity (which we know it does not), they'd at the least force this witch Susan Greene to apologize and correct her intentional propagandistic equivalency between legitimate immigrants and illegal aliens by referring to them both as "immigrants." This is a common attempt by the pro-amnesty lobby to promote illegal alien border hoppers (and identity thieves) as the same thing as real immigrants who came here legally and respect our laws rather than spitting at them and by extension, us. This article is nothing but a brazen attempt at pulling the wool over our eyes.

Come now, people. We know all you so-called journalists out there have these college degree thingies and you can't pass all those writing classes without knowing some definitions of pretty common words such as ILLEGAL and IMMIGRANT. The two are not the same, never have been, never will be. We would also assume that these bearers of college thingies would know to consult a dictionary of the English language if they are uncertain about anything. Thus, of course, to anyone who does not have their intellect dwelling deep within their anal cavities, it becomes quite obvious that blurring the line between an illegal alien and an immigrant is intentional. Greene intentionally AVOIDS any reference to the more than obvious illegality of the person she is speaking to (which she tells us is in "fear" of Tom Tancredo) in an attempt to undercut Tancredo by assassinating his character by making it look like regular legal immigrants have a reason to fear him. WHAT A LOAD!

And what would this poor, innocent "immigrant" Ms. Greene has whipped up tell Tom Tancredo? "I would tell him . . . 'With all respect, Mr. Tancredo, we are not your enemy.' " Oh? I didn't realize coming here illegally, spitting at our laws, stealing our identities and putting your kids on welfare was a gesture of friendship. Perhaps I should reconsider. D'oh!

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