Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rocky Flats: The Blessing that Gives and Gives

I have previously blogged about the government PR campaign to gloss over Superfund sites by converting them to so-called wildlife refuges (complete with restocking of animals if needed) as a way of promoting the idea to the public that the area is clean enough and nobody need worry, in spite of widespread contamination, including, literally, radioactive snow and spikes in brain cancers near the plant. See my Denver Real Estate Buying Guide to get an idea of the extent of surface radioactive contamination from Rocky Flats.

The dirt about Rocky Flats keeps coming out, with zero interest by local Denver media. The former FBI agent himself who led the 1989 FBI raid (Jon Lipsky) into Rocky Flats has spoken up about the bipartisan political maneuverings and coverup of what happened at that plant. One important thing that Lipsky's DOJ superiors willfully ignored was the existence of documentary and physical evidence of criticality accidents in Rocky Flats. Criticalities are where out-of-control nuclear chain reactions occur, such as in nuclear explosions or nuclear accidents, which is the only explanation for above-background levels of strontium90 and cesium137 in and around Rocky Flats. These two elements only occur in nuclear criticalities.

Agent Lipsky was given several binders of documentary evidence of critcality accidents by a Rocky Flats worker that stepped forward which he forwarded to his superiors. They took the binders and told him they weren't interested. From there, the documents disappeared into the memory hole and were never heard about again.

A short snippet of Lipsky speaking about being given evidence of criticality accidents at Rocky Flats:

The entirety of Lipsky's interview is also available. Part 1 of 5 of Agent Lipsky's talk begins here.