Friday, November 21, 2008

Idiot Shoots Man on RTD Bus

Passenger Shot on RTD Bus

Usually the deranged that herd onto the Rough, Tough and Dangerous tend to prefer merely brandishing their weapons than actually using them. Some are just happy to talk about their weapons and the gangbangers they associate with. Of course, certain routes are more heavily populated with 2-legged cockroaches than others, namely the 15, 31, 16, 30, 7, 28, 38, 44, and 43. The Denver area has a large number of public transportation routes. Good news for working people. Bad news for people who move into nicer areas where bus routes bring garbage from downtown and its environs.

Cameras have been put on most buses due to incidents like this (including the one where a passenger boarded the bus, got into an altercation with a driver, threw the driver head-first out of the bus and onto the curb and killed him). The older Gillig buses still are left without cameras, and RTD has been foolishly using those buses on routes popular with Mexican gangbangers, such as the 31 and 30.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What Is It With Denver and Loud Music?

Denver man shot dead after he complains about loud music

I've never heard so much loud music in my life in apartment buildings since I've lived in the city of Denver. In fact, within 2 weeks of first moving into the city I was left with no option but to call police because a stoned neighbor upstairs would listen to very loud music while toking up on a nightly basis. He got it into his head to ignore the police shouting and banging on his door, so the officers went around outside and boosted each other up into his living room window and turned the music off themselves. The loud lecture that followed was a real hoot.

By experience, I've learned that there is a rule of thumb that chronically loud music is played by certain types of people:

1) Stoners

2) Drug dealers

3) Stoners who deal drugs

In the case of the teen who shot the complainant, he was probably a drug dealing stoner.

Another rule of thumb I've learned by experience: Buildings with lots of noise issues have generally higher incidences of crime as well. Clean out the stoners and the drug dealers, and your building is not only quieter, but safer and cleaner. If you are unfortunate enough to live under literal slum lords like I have, you'll notice that lax enforcement of noise rules tends to go hand-in-hand with increased criminality in the building and generally run-down condition. Its as if street thugs, winos, crack whores, illegal aliens and drug smugglers have antennae which lead them to rent units in buildings where management is lax or non-existent. Perhaps there is an underground rental directory where slum lords and rock hoes link up.